What will be the Governance Process?

Telegram group
The official communication vehicle will be the channel on Discord, the telegram group will be closed. Date to be announced.
Discord Community
Discord will serve as the primary informal medium for the Moss community discussion. There are a wide variety of standing text channels, covering everything from detailed technical discussion in #policy-forum
The Moss Discord server is regularly trafficked by core team members and contributors, who relay messages from the community to the relevant departments or other core team members as necessary. There is a dedicated channel for feedback and suggestions that is monitored by any server member is free to ask questions either via voice or in text chat for as long as time allows.
Formal Discussion Forum
The Moss Forum is the hub for more formal discussion and debate. Request for Comment (RFC) periods begin here, where people can make their thoughts heard on the latest Moss Improvement Proposals (MIPs). An RFC can originate internally, from a community member, or from third parties such as new carbon bridges who wish to integrate into the Moss ecosystem.
After the RFC, if the community is on-board with the proposal, a formal MIP will be drafted by the policy team, which will be posted on the forum with an informal poll - acting as a temperature check to suggest if the proposal may need alterations or further discussion.
Note: The community as a whole can post MIP temperature check votes in the “Proposals” section of the forum. Anyone can open a general discussion topic or post an RFC in the “General” section.
Snapshot Voting
Snapshot Voting https://snapshot.org/#/moss-earth.eth
After passing the informal poll on the forum, official MIPs will be published on Snapshot by the core team for a formal, on-chain vote by MOSS token holders.
At the time of writing, voting power on Snapshot is determined by the amount of MOSS owned in a one-to-one ratio. Note that not all actions are subject to a MIP vote.
In the event that the policy team or core team wishes to reserve a new power, such that a MIP vote is not required for a specific action, this change will itself be subject to a vote.