First, you need to have a MetaMask digital asset wallet, which allows you to access the pool and participate, to be rewarded with a MOSS Token. The app can be either an extension for Chrome, or an app for Android or IOS.
Here's a tutorial that will help you understand a little more about how you can create your wallet and add support to our Governance Token
To connect your wallet and start participating in Liquid Mining, go to
After logging into the site, connect your wallet to add liquidity on QUICKSWAP.
Connect your Metamask wallet with the polygon network.
Provide liquidity on QUICKSWAP, but first, you have to approve the transactions in your wallet and don't forget that you will need the MATIC Token to pay the small transaction
Go back to and click on “stake”
After unlocking your wallet, click on Approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
It is important to remember that a pool is just the MOSS, MOSS/USDC and MCO2/USCD LP at parity between 2 tokens. Just choose which one you want to add liquidity to get network benefits and earn more MOSS Tokens as a reward.
Add your liquidity to the pool and start earning MOSS TOKEN!