How is Moss Token going to work?

As the Moss project advances, we will aim to decentralize it as much as we can. We have thus created the MOSS token—the governance token of the MOSS Protocol— which allows those who hold it to comment, participate in discussions and vote on changes to the MCO2 token and new protocols.
Note that anyone, not only MOSS holders, can submit proposals on our forum for a discussion and subsequent snapshot vote. Our goal is to avoid or minimize dictatorial or unilateral decisions by Moss management, and to promote a higher engagement and legitimacy of the decision making, leading to a more collaborative governance process.
Moss Governance Token Holders can decide and participate on:
  • New minting of tokens, based on acquired volumes of carbon credits as registered on Verra
  • Projects that can be added as suppliers (must pass on due diligence first from our technical board)
  • Process decentralization (minting, auditing, improvements, protocol upgrades)
  • New partnerships
  • New registries to be added
  • The holding of crowdfunding to buy carbon credits and tokenize (community batch mints). [Note that the Moss token IS NOT used for the crowdfunding, but for the DECISION to hold a crowdfunding event or not]
Introducing Community Batch Mints (CBM) and Community Backed Projects (CBP)
MOSS token holders will have the opportunity to invest in wholesale carbon credits purchases, where projects that passed our due diligence can offer their supply and token holders can buy at wholesale prices on a minimum batch (Community Batch Mints). Token holders will also be able to join CBP (Community Backed Projects), via crowdfunding vehicles and mechanisms. The idea is for the community to benefit from Moss’ access and preferential terms.
Legal viability of the process will be studied in future.