Are governance tokens like shares?

No. They are a part of the cryptocurrency ideals of decentralization and democratization. They are restricted to some aspects of Moss itself as it is displayed in the question How is Moss Token going to work?
Here is the initial token distribution and cap of the Moss Governance Token.
- 20% development team and internal Moss team
- 10% Moss equity holders and partners
- 25% liquidity mining (50% polygon 25 % Ethereum 25% Celo)
- 5% community (discord and telegram, twitter) for 1,000 users
- 10% holders, 0.1 per token held
- 20% treasury
- 5% Klima Treasury and 5% Klima/MCO2 liquidity mining
Total amount tokens minted will be the total amount of mco2 (3,041 millions) tokens created as of February 1 2022.